Benefits of Elk Antler Dog Chews

Benefits of Elk Antler Dog Chews

As a dog owner and starting a small dog treats business, based upon all the “wrong things” I have witnessed in the Pet Industry, I decided to tell you about the “Good Things”.

Our dog Sandy Paws, is a finicky eater, she chews on everything, destroys a Kong Toy in hours, the Beef Bully Sticks are gone in minutes, but the smell and stain on the carpet stays for a while.  A friend from my daughters girl scout troop, was at the park this past summer and her dog was chewing on an object I had never seen.  Her dog loved it, wouldn’t let it out of her sight, and took it everywhere she went.

I had to find out what this new object / dog treat was.  It was an Elk Antler.  When I went home I research online as much as I could find out about Elk Antler Dog Treats. I was impressed with everything but the price.  I ordered one and let Sandy Paws have at it.

She Loved it.

I loved it because of the following benefits of the Elk Antler:
All Natural
No animals are harmed in the gathering of Elk Antlers ( they shed every year)
Hard outside for chewing and soft bone marrow for extra nutrients and “taste”
Long lasting, our dog took over a month of chewing before we replaced it because it became to small.
No Chemical or added preservatives
No Odor like those stinky Bully Sticks
No Bugs that are common with Organ Meat Dog Treats
All Domestic USA product, not shipped in from overseas

The Elk Antler is the perfect Dog Treat or Dog Chew.  The Dogs Love them.  They are long lasting and not that expensive for the longevity of the treat.

Our Business was started on that principle to provide a all natural treat that was good for our pets, Eco-friendly and cost consequent to customers.  We don’t charge an arm and a leg,  just a simple Elk Antler Cost.

Give them a try for your dog and let us know how much pleasure and enjoyment your dog received.

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Thank you for your support
Sami and Sandy Paws

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