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Elk Antlers For Dogs!

elk antler dog treats

Elk Antler Dog Chews - The Long Lasting Dog Treat

Elk Antlers for Dogs are the premium dog chew or treats on the market. As dog owners ourselves we pick only the healthiest, all natural, beneficial and cost effective products for our pets.

We have tried many products that are on the market today, only to be left with a lot of odor, mess, and even bugs at times from beef or organ parts of cattle etc. We knew from the vet that rawhide is not a good choice, because it is hard to digest.

There had to be something better! Something economical, something with both healthy factors for our own dogs as well as a good lasting product that isn't gone in minutes. We discovered Elk Antlers Dog Treats. Our dogs loved the antler treat. One large elk antler lasted over 4 weeks. They were all natural, our Vet approved, and there was no odor or mess. Elk antlers shed naturally each year, and the marrow center of the Elk Antler bone is a secondary healthy treat. Elk Antlers provides an environmentally green product that we are comfortable to give to our dogs.

The only drawback was the price. The local stores and online retailers where charging over $40.00 for this excellent treat. We knew there had to be a solution to the price.

We found it, and our company was born. We could get these great treats for our dogs at a reasonable price. No animals are hurt in the process since elk antlers are shed and not harvested or cut off. We could pass the savings on to you for your benefit as well and create a USA based small business.

With our low prices, green packaging, and excellent service all of us can feel good knowing we are giving our best friends the best dog treats we possibly can!

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Benefits of Elk Antler Dog Chews:

  • Elk Antler Dog Treats are all natural, bio-degradable healthy chews for dogs.
  • Elk Antler Dog Treats have the largest Bone Marrow core of any Antler Treat or chew.
  • Elk Antler Dog Treats contain Beneficial Minerals and Nutrients.
  • Elk Antler Dog Treats are long lasting chews that help promote clean teeth and gums.

More About Elk Antlers

Elk Antlers have:
No Odor
No Smell
No Preservatives
No Artificial color
No Added hormones
No Antibiotics
No Animal by-products
No steroids
No chipping or splintering
With so many No's You have to say Yes to Elk Antler Dog Treats!
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Sami & Sandy Paws Approved!!

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I love Elk Antlers

"We give Sandy Elk Antlers because it makes sense. She loves them, and we save big money. She can kill a KONG toy, but an Elk Antler last weeks (6 weeks and counting.)"

Sandy Paws Mom

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